FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for visiting our FAQ's page. This page was created to give you some short answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions that we receive at the Chamber. Watch for updates, as questions can sometimes surprise us all. If you would like to submit a question and/or an answer, please send your request to Phillip Sharp, the Director of Marketing & Communications. You can also call the Chamber office at (972) 335-9522.

Q: How do I join the Chamber?

A: There are many ways to join the Chamber. You can call our office, join on-line HERE, or we can mail you an application. For more information about joining the Chamber, please contact the chamber office at (972) 335-9522 or email us.

Q: How do I schedule a Ribbon Cutting Event?

A: Please contact Phillip Sharp, our Director of Marketing & Communications to schedule a ribbon cutting event. You will need to call Phillip to confirm time and dates that are available. Ribbon cuttings are scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday at your place of business at 10:00 a.m. or on a Thursday at the Chamber office. If you are considering having a ribbon cutting ceremony on a Saturday, there is a $50 fee to do so. We do not conduct ribbon cutting ceremonies on a Sunday or on holidays. Call Phillip today to schedule your Ribbon Cutting Event.

Q: Do you have Weekly Chamber Meetings?

A: Yes, we have our Get On Track (GOT) meeting every Thursday morning at the Chamber office, beginning at 7:16 a.m. (breakfast/networking runs from 7:16 a.m. - 7:46 a.m.) This meeting takes places in our Events room and we typically average around 90 attendees. All attendees have 30 seconds to give their "business commercial" and we also have a 5 minute presentation from our sponsor each week. It is an energetic crowd, so be prepared to have a great time and to meet new people! Its an excellent way to network with members and breakfast will always be served. You are welcome to come as a guest even if you are not a Chamber member, just arrive and ask for an Ambassador to announce your attendance. Prospective members may attend our GOT event twice before we ask you to join the chamber in order to keep attending each week. If you are a Chamber member and are interested in sponsoring a GOT meeting, please contact Phillip Sharp, our Director of Membership Services.You can also call Phillip at (972) 335-9522.

Q: Who do I contact when my membership information is incorrect?

A: Please contact Phillip Sharp, our Director of Marketing & Communications. You can also call Phillip at (972) 335-9522.

Q: Who do I contact regarding Billing or Invoices?

A: Please contact Tami Alexander, our Vice President, for all of your Billing and Invoice Questions. You can also call Tami at (972) 335-9522.

Q: Who do I talk to about purchasing a banner ad on the Chamber website?

A: Please contact MJ Pritchard, our Vice President.You can also call MJ at (972) 335-9522.

Q: When submitting my logo to the Chamber, what format do I need to submit it in?

A: When submitting your company logo to us, please make sure the logo is 300 dpi or higher in size. We prefer to work with an EPS, Vector or PSD file. For more information on how to submit your logo to the Chamber, please contact Phillip Sharp, our Director of Marketing & Communications. You can also call Phillip at (972) 335-9522.

Q: Who do I talk to about placing my company logo next to my membership listing on the Membership Directory?

A: This is a benefit for our Executive level members ONLY!

Q: Who do I talk to about what my benefits include?

A: Please contact Phillip Sharp, our Director of Marketing & Communications. You can also call Phillip at (972) 335-9522.

Q: Where do I find out about Chamber events?

A: Please visit our Event Calendar, located here.

Q: I'm a New Resident, who do I talk to about my utility provider options?

A: Please visit the "Utilities" page on our website. You can also search our Membership Directory for a list of our members. Utilities for the City of Frisco are handled by the City of Frisco. We do not keep an on-going list of service providers for the city at the Chamber. We do however, have a list of our members phone numbers and addresses. For information on other services that are NOT members, you will need to call directory assistance at 1411.

Q: Does the Chamber issue a Marriage License?

A: No, the Chamber does NOT issue Marriage Licenses. You will need to contact the County Court House for more information.

Q: Who do I talk to about a stray animal in my neighborhood?

A: Please contact Animal Control with the City of Frisco . The Chamber does not file complaints for Residents.

Q: I am having difficulty with a company who is a Member of the Chamber. Who can I talk to about this?

A: If you have a formal complaint regarding one of our members, please contact the Better Business Bureau at (214) 220-2000. We are always happy to help all we can to resolve and relay to our members any complaints, however, the Chamber does not mediate discrepancies between members or with members and the general public.

Q: How do I get a plaque replacement or insert replacement for my membership plaque?

A: Please contact Phillip Sharp, our Director of Marketing & Communications. You can also call Phillip at (972) 335-9522.

Q: I would like to join the Chamber, but with the current state of the economy, it is just too expensive. Do you offer any payment plans?

A: Please contact the chamber office at (972) 335-9522 or email us for information and assistance with joining the Chamber.

Q: I am a vendor that would like to offer my services to the Chamber, who do I talk to?

A: The Chamber accepts and request bids from Chamber members only for vendor services. The best way to do business with the Chamber is to become a member. You can send your information to the Chamber via email or you can mail your information to: 6843 Main, Frisco, TX 75034 Attn: Tony Felker, President/CEO